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  • As an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech finishing her first year of college, I entered this past summer with excitement to not only be back at home but also knowing that I would be starting my MEISPP internship very soon! Although I genuinely applied, it was rare for a first-year to get an internship, so I didn't have many hopes of hearing back. It almost seemed too good to be true to able to work at the Department of Energy for my first internship and was thrilled when I heard back. I was lucky enough to be working in the Office of Management and Budget under the Executive Secretariat Director Cathy Tullis. My two-hour commute to work was worth it every day as I was given new tasks on the daily and was taken to leadership meetings where I could help brainstorm with my superiors. I was introduced to an inspiring team who taught me something new about work-ethic almost every day and I felt lucky to have this opportunity. I am truly am thankful to the MESSIP team for creating such an empowering program!                                  '



  • My name is Shavone Brown, a recent college graduate from Winston-Salem State University. I double majored in Business Administration and Finance with a concentration in Corporate. I was born and raised in Washington, DC. I love to travel and this year my internship was in Tennessee.  I initially first heard about the MEISPP Program from my older sister. She sent me an email and told me that this will be a great opportunity for me to get hands on experience and an opportunity to work for the government. Applying and being selected into this program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!  I met lifelong friends, networked, learned a lot of new things, and challenged beyond my potential and will forever be grateful for this program.  I have been selected to participate in the MEISPP Program for the past three summers but this summer I was selected to travel to the Y-12 Consolidated Nuclear Security plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I worked in the Performance Excellence, Lean Six Sigma under the supervision of Carlos Juarez and Megan Houchin. I worked on an Idea cost efficiency project where I trained high level personnel on dispositioning ideas within your organization. My most proud moment this summer was the Intern expo where I had to explain what I did this summer to other Y-12 employees and after I will hand out my resume and I became noticed by a lot of people that were impressed with my presentation and started searching for possible jobs for me at Y-12. I would recommend the MEISPP for anyone looking to work in the STEM area!  The program changed my life!


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  • My name is Elijah Strange. I am a Senior in the Information Technology program at Towson University located in Towson, MarylandI heard about the MEISPP internship through a family friend. I have been a participant of the program since 2014. Since I was a sophomore in high school, I have spent every summer working in multiple offices including the Office of Graphic Design and the Office of Conferencing and Special Event Management. I have been an intern ever since most recently in 2019.  I wanted this internship because it provides a great opportunity to gain valuable experience working in the federal government and directly connect with federal employees    who offered their perspective on the best way to find a job at Department of Energy within my respective field.  Within the Office of Acquisition Management, I worked as a member of the Systems Division. My daily tasks involved editing and creating webpages and banners as well as working with the Systems Division to update, delete, and add real-time information regarding system downtime and updates for Department of Energy’s procurement systems intranet Acquisition ANSWERS. One project that stands out from all of my work was the interactive Site Map. The Site Map I created with my division is intended to be used as an aid across the Department of Energy. Working on the Site Map required a strong attention to detail and an ability to take criticism from my peers and users of the procurement systems we were mapping. The MEISPP internship is a life changing experience that I cherish and has helped me be the man I am today.  I appreciate VARCom Solutions and the Department of Energy for this wonderful opportunity!



StudentI am an Industrial engineer by major and I was able to work with logistics and systems engineering, which is right along with IE. I also would like to add that it [the internship] helped me get away from the pure engineering side of things. I am interested in more of an engineering management career and the DOE is a great place to be for that.
The work that I did this summer related pretty much to what my major is because I had to do a lot of brain storming, presentations and proposal writing for activities that were held at the lab this past summer and for some that are to come in the future.

I am a physics major and a space enthusiast. I could not have found a better office to work in for the summer. Although most of the people here are engineers, there is one physics PhD and most of the material I worked on was directly related to what I learned in school just last semester. It was also great to work with NASA because someday I hope to work there.

  • This work was related to my major of chemical engineering because in this field of study it is important to understand the properties of chemicals and their interactions with solvents, specifically water.  It matched my academic preparation and reconfirmed my interest to work in the field of environmental management.
  • The reports and presentations that I worked on are definitely related to my academic major. Perhaps I could have done more technical work, but overall the assignments were good matches for my major and professional area of interest. 
  • The work was not related to my major but I was open to it as a long term interest. The work was interesting and fun, and gave possibilities for future advancement. I was ready for any subject matter.

Please note that the selection of interns is not premised upon racial factors or preference nor are individuals penalized based upon racial factors. Students from all accredited institutions of higher education can apply and will be considered; however, all applicants MUST be enrolled (full-time) as a student in the fall of 2021.